Rip 'n' Tear is a classic South Australian surfboard brand from the early 80s, which has been re-birthed through 100 Percent Surfboards as their new shortboard range. Surfers will enjoy revisiting the legacy, and enduring relevance of the popular colourful and dynamic 80s surf aesthetic, combined with the evolved functionality of the modern performance surfboard.
Surfboard design is a hobby of mine which I have learned through my fathers 55 years of experience as a surfboard builder. Wanting to create something personal and historical with this project, I landed on a mixed-media approach, which helped to tie in the modern design aspects of performance surfing with a more hand-made, retrospective, collage feel. 

Role: Production, Art Direction, Storyboard/Style Frame Design, Photography, Videography, Surfboard Design, Animation.

Company: 100 Percent Surfboards

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